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August 23

Looking to boost employee engagement and bridge the gap between managers and teams? Learn how Launch Consulting, an AI Transformation organization, helped a global retailer client create a seamless feedback loop, fostering positive work experiences and enhancing productivity, by building an innovative AI toolset embedded within O365.

Viva Nudge: How Microsoft Added an AI Employee Engagement Tool for Millions

‍Hybrid and remote work have created a greater need for an employee to feel part of a team, connect with their manager, and feel valued and appreciated. Meanwhile, employers struggle to attract and retain the talent they need to execute their most strategic objectives.

Intentional connection between employees and employers is a key element to a productive workforce, and our client—one of the world’s most dominant retailers—is deeply committed to employee development and managerial responsibility. But lack of time, different time zones, and competing priorities all too often prevented employees and their leadership from connecting and collaborating.

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