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IT General Provisions Got You Down? SPEAK UP and Help Shape the Future!

March 24

The pace of technology often leaves state policies struggling to keep up. But the State of California’s Department of General Services and Department of Technology want your help in updating the State’s IT General Provisions.

Have you ever been frustrated by a state IT contract term or condition? Did you wonder why it was there, or imagine simpler ways to achieve the state’s goals? Now is your chance to make a difference!

Four years ago, a group of vendors, including myself, worked with the state to suggest changes to the IT General Provisions (401IT). Our efforts focused on common pain points like warranties, data protection, and intellectual property ownership. The good news? The state listened! Their latest draft reflects some of our suggestions.

But there’s more to be done. New sections on support, audits, and insolvency need your input. The state also consolidated cloud computing special provisions into one separate set of Cloud Services General Provisions, but further simplification is possible by even consolidating these duplicative terms into one set of IT General Provisions.

The state needs constructive, evidence-based feedback from all vendors to craft provisions that benefit everyone. I challenge each of you to not only bring complaints, but propose solutions based on industry standards.

Here’s your call to action:

Together, we can create IT General Provisions that are clear, efficient, and support the success of both the state and its vendor community. Don’t miss this opportunity to be heard!