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New Podcast Alert! Streamlining Procurement in Government

March 24

Streamlining Procurement in Government:  A Shift from Reform to Modernization 

In this episode of Gov Tech Today, the hosts, Russell Lowery and GBS Founder Jennifer Saha, discuss procurement reform in state government, specifically in California. They express concerns for the need to improve the traditional method of procurement, explaining that it may be more fitting to refer to it as ‘procurement modernization’ or ‘procurement streamlining’. The conversation involves examining past and present procurement strategies, drawbacks of exhaustive requirements in RFPs, and ways to make the process more efficient. They highlight that the objective is not to make dramatic changes, but to introduce small, manageable tweaks that can potentially make the system more efficient and lead to better service delivery. The potential benefits of being transparent about budget allocations during the bidding process is discussed, as well as the need for flexibility in human capital projections for multi-year projects. The pair also share examples of best practices from other regions such as Utah and suggest ways California could learn from these methods. The conversation concludes with an optimistic note about the future of procurement processes, provided there is a balance between risk tolerance and innovation.

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