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New Podcast: The Evolution of Data Management in Government

March 24

In this episode of Gov Tech Today, hosts Russell Lowery and Jen Saha delve into the world of data management within the government sector, sparked by the growing interest in AI technologies like ChatGPT.

They invite Athol Smith, a seasoned data expert with over 30 years of experience, to share his insights on the evolution of data storage, the challenges and opportunities of storing data in the cloud, and the importance of data maturity and governance in leveraging data effectively for government operations. Smith discusses his early career in data management, the transition from physical storage to cloud solutions, and the critical role of comprehensive data governance in maximizing data utility while minimizing costs. The conversation also touches on the potential future of data management in government, emphasizing the need for chief data and AI officers in departments to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape.

Listen Here:

Gov Tech Today: E20: The Evolution of Data Management in Government in Gov Tech Today on Apple Podcasts