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Our Services

We partner with our clients to bring positive outcomes founded on public sector experience, deep analysis, and insights to successfully navigate government.

Government Relations and Advocacy

Handle the legislative side of your business, including lobbying, legislative management, bill tracking, positioning, and advocacy.

Contracting and Procurement

Help establish contracting vehicles or individual contracting opportunities with government customers. Monitor existing contracts and assist in compliance and renewals.

Data Intelligence and Research

Identify market trends, opportunities, projections, and threats based on public purchasing data cultivated through research and deep dives.

Business and Partnership Development

Partnerships will expand your channels to government and, whether among our clients or within the industry, the GBS has the industry connections to help build these partnerships.

Go-To-Market and Sales Strategy

Use data to inform your sales strategies to enact the most efficient and effective strategy for selling to the government market. 

Brand and Event Management

Advise on marketing activities, events, and how you want your brand to be known and represented in the government market. 

Policy and Process Optimization

Align government policies and processes with your strategic business goals by serving as a trusted, unbiased advisor to our government partners. 

Budget and Legislative Analysis

Get ahead of government spending and policies by monitoring budgets, initiatives and policies before they happen. 

Key Areas

  1. Establishing State Contract Vehicles

    The process of getting on the right contract vehicle can take years in some cases. Understanding the correct vehicles, how to get on them quickly and which ones are used the most is vital for the success of new manufacturers. The GBS team have been doing this for many years and have a deep knowledge on what is best for you and how to obtain that as quick as possible.

  2. Ongoing General Intelligence

    Understanding pending legislation and policies that are in process is critical to position budgeting needs of customers and prioritizing GBS customers’ sales cycle. In California this year there are over 1170 Budget Change Proposals and this only applies to state funding and not federal funding that flows to the state. It takes many years and solid relationships to have the ability to be proactive and understand how this budget flows to the purchasing departments.

  3. Developing and Fostering Government Business Opportunities

    Business development support for your team to pursue state contract opportunities, both solicited and unsolicited. Identify and aggressively support procurement opportunities with the State of California and its various agencies and departments. Open communication channels with state agency officials regarding planned or future technology needs and cultivate those connections. Many contracts are not necessarily available in the public domain, purchases are often done by inter-agency agreements, shared services and many other ways. GBS can support and position our customers to maximize their opportunities.

  4. Partnership Development

    The ability to cross sell with strategic technology partners that compliment GBS customers, with many years of relationships in place and serving as a trusted advisor in the technology community, GBS is well placed to maximize the value of strategic partnerships for our customers from pipeline development to shared costs of events to provide maximum value of your marketing and sales efforts.

  5. Build Industry Relevance & Brand Management

    Brand and Industry awareness are key foundations that the government relies on when making key purchasing decisions, GBS assists our customers in Brand Awareness, maximizing value of marketing and industry credibility.

  6. Growth Advisory and Team Development

    As your business grows, we assist you in team development, staffing needs, and provide advice on areas for expansion or investment.

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